The Day At Gisborne Secondary College

I got to go to Gisborne Secondary College for 2 and a half hours and it was fun. I wish we could go there again but for longer. We did drama and we did some acting and playing games. We also did art and we made flowers that were made out of a disc.

Also the teachers are very nice over there. We could possibly go over there again later this year. There was a lot of big kids and it was nice to see them.

I really enjoyed going to that school and I want to go ther right now, but I wish there was less gum under the tables because it’s disgusting.

Watch Out For The Tornado!

I had a expo and it was about natural disasters and I did tornadoes. Why we did it was to understand our project and to show our parents or friends what I have been learning about and what have I been researching about.


What I would do next time is to change the layout so it’s easier to read, to add numbers to it so I know what to read next up, delete tornadoes on the side of the poster because it took up space.